Friday, 2 May 2014

The road back

Today it ends. I feel rather uncomfortable about this.

My old food habits seem absurd. An average week was peppered with chocolate, cake and cake - items now exposed as expensive luxuries.

I’ve learnt that I was hooked on sugar and caffeine. In some way that mocks me.

It seems foolhardy to switch back, to pick up everything that was discarded. Yet I fear I lack the self-restraint to do otherwise.

This is a rather a bitter-sweet finish to a week rich with adventure and generosity.

Some memorable moments:

  • The first taste of pasta sauce after a day of bland food.
  • The discovery of custard creams for 1p a biscuit
  • Ransacking the local petrol station for something cheaper than 35p. 
  • Learning to poach an egg. And saving 5p on oil in the process.

Thank you for your interest and support. People around the world are suffering and dying because they lack the funds to feed themselves. Your generosity has made a difference there. You should be proud.


SueH said...

Well done, my love. Do it again next year!

Unknown said...